Besides airline pilot, what other pilot jobs can I have?

There are many pilot jobs you can apply for aside from being an airline pilot. An airline pilot is the most well-known pilot job in the world, which is why this is the path most aspiring pilots go for. However, the Aviation industry is a huge industry that offers a variety of roles and opportunities.

Here are some examples of other various job fields that you can pursue as a Pilot:

  • Cargo carrier – For companies like FedEx, transporting cargo around the world is a part of their job.
  • Military Pilot – Fly military aircraft to execute military missions and as a disaster response.
  • Flight instructor – Build flight hours and teach the next generation of Aspiring Pilots.
  • Corporate aviation –  Transport passengers and/or cargo for a company or business.
  • Charter operation – Fly to a variety of destinations on a for-hire basis. No fixed schedule.
  • Ferry operation – Fly an aircraft for the sole purpose of delivering it to an individual or business.
  • Government service – Fly for government departments like the governor’s office.
  • Law enforcement – Fly border patrol missions, capture speeders for state troopers, or even locate forest growth facilities.
  • Fire-fighting – Find a secure route for a fire bomber or fly one yourself.
  • Emergency medical service – Fly patients, deliver life-saving treatment, and organs are all over the world.
  • Cropduster operation – Farmland will be sprayed with chemicals/fertilizers.
  • Media – Fly for news agencies or traffic monitoring organizations.
  • Tour guide – Passengers can get an amazing view of national wonders as they fly over landmarks and points of interest.
  • Test pilots – These pilots usually come from a military or technical background, and they use their skills to ensure that new aircraft are safe to fly.

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