How can I convert from foreign pilot license to DCGA Pilot license

If you did your pilot training abroad and you want to work in India, you need a Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Pilot License.

The first step is to call DGCA and ask about the process on how to convert the license as varies per country.

After that, compile all of the requirements needed. You may need to provide these:

  • Valid foreign license with current ratings and ELP
  • Valid Foreign and Indian Medical certificate
  • Valid RTA(A)/RTR(P)/RTR(C)
  • Valid FRTOL
  • Verification of Education Qualification
  • Police Verification
  • Cleared DGCA conversion papers
  • Ground Training and Result Sheet of Technical Specific Exam
  • Original Logbook

You should also fulfill the flying requirements needed before converting your license.

For Commercial Pilot License, you should have at least:

  • Total 200 flying hours
  • Total 100 hours in Pilot in Command
  • Pilot in Command 100 NM Cross Country 20 hours
  • 300 NM Pilot in Command with full-stop landings at two different aerodromes other than departure aerodrome
  • 10 hours of instrument time of which not more than 5 hours may be on an approved simulator
  • Signal Reception test in 6 to 8 words per minute
  • Pilot in command – 15 hours in preceding six months
  • Pilot in Command night with 10 take off and landings – 5 hours in preceding six months

Best to check with Indian DGCA with the complete flying requirements.

After compiling all the needed requirements and taking additional flying tests, you may now submit your filled-up application form and documents to DGCA.


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