What is a Cadet Pilot Program?

A Cadet Pilot Program is one of the routes to becoming an Airline Pilot – this type of pilot training program is offered by a pilot training organization together with an Airline and results in an employment opportunity following the completion of pilot training. Sometimes Cadet Pilot Programs are also used as a term to describe a pilot training program that offers employment following the successful completion of training (Flight Schools might be offering employment as a Flight Instructor or in another Pilot position in the General Aviation Industry).

When it is an Airline Cadet Pilot Program, then the Airline will usually do the initial screening and interview process of the aspiring pilot applicant (although in some cases the airline has outsourced this step to the Pilot Training Organization).

Cadet Pilot Programs usually follow one of two training styles:

And have two different funding features:

  • Self-sponsored – the student pilot will have to pay for the entire training cost
  • Airline-sponsored – the airline will pay for the entire training cost and in return, the student pilot has to sign a bond with the airline committing to working a certain duration with the airline

Please note that Cadet Pilot Programs by Airlines fluctuate rapidly in terms of being offered and if there is funding assistance as it all depends on the requirements for pilots by the airline at a specific point in time. For any Cadet Pilot Program always check with the Airline (or the organization offering employment) on the latest status of the program.

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